hey there. i'm jenna.

My grandfather was an avid lover of oil painting and when you opened the door to his basement, you could smell the turpentine before you hit the first step. I used to love looking at my grandpa’s paints and brushes and imagining what I could create on the canvas leaning against the easel. The image of his make-shift studio and its possibilities has stuck with me all of these years. 

I grew up in a small suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. When I was in 4th grade, my school took a field trip to the Carnegie Museum of Art; I now recognize that as a pivotal moment that inspired me to further pursue art. I went to college in Pittsburgh and earned degrees in Art History and Graphic Design, and later, certification in Art Education. After graduation, I moved to Raleigh, NC - where I've resided since.

I have been privileged to visit many amazing and renowned art museums around the world. Those hours of walking museum halls have given me a deep appreciation and love for art and its place in history. 

Throughout my studies and my own practice, I have explored working with many mediums - oil, ceramics, charcoal, acrylic, and many others. My current work is largely created from acrylic paint, alcohol inks or mixed media techniques.

I love art, the history, the theory, the execution, the results… Most of all, I love the blend of all these things together. 

That's me. fyi.


Art Showcase Exhibitor: Raw Natural Born Artists: Arise

Wake Forest Chamber of Commerce Event

Featured Artist at The Chef's Palette in Cary, NC

Artist Spotlight Featured Muralist - Wake Forest Public Arts

organizations & associations

  • Wake Forest Guild of Artists
  • Raw Alumni
  • Arts North Carolina
  • Durham Artists Guild
  • Wake Forest Public Arts Commission
  • Arts Wake Forest

submission wins

  • Tiny Door Art Movement - Kane Realty, North Hills - Raleigh, NC
  • Spotlight on Artist Murals - Wake Forest, NC
  • FCAC County Lines Literary Journal
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